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Moving On is a great free resource for employers in Kerry. We will do our best to help you to find the great staff you are looking for. Almost 200 women have participated in the Moving On programme to date. Many women took time out to care for children or other family members and are now ready and committed to returning to work. They bring the necessary 21st century ‘new collar skills’ such as reliability, flexibility, team work and problem solving.

We support them to update their IT skills, clarify their career goals, prepare for interviews and hone their networking skills. We also provide on the job support and training for women and employers. The response from employers has been fantastic and women have returned to work in a broad range of sectors including accountancy, retail, health care, self-employment, cleaning, hospitality, lecturing and teaching.

Employers are realising the benefits of being more flexible with their hours and offering part time work options and remote working. By doing this, they are tapping into a huge resource of skilled workers. Moving On runs a mentoring programme and works closely with the Kerry Business Women’s Network. We are also very interested in working with employers to provide long term sustainable and quality employment particularly in the context of climate action initiatives.

According to the co-ordinator Lisa Fingleton:

“This is a time of transition and opportunity where we can focus on biodiversity, transport, home insulation, local food initiatives and eco/agri-tourism which can all contribute to climate action as well as enhancing the lives of every person in Kerry”

If you would like to offer your expertise as a mentor, speaker or trainer, we would like to hear from you. If you have specific opportunities that may be of interest to Women Returners, please contact us.

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