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Helen Canty - Moving On Experience

My name is Helen, I live in Ballybunion. I looked after my family until they finished school. Then I started caring for my mother until she died in 2012. I hadn’t worked outside the home in years. While I was a carer, I did voluntary work at a day care centre that my mother attended.


Now that I had more time for me I decided to do a Personal Development course. That led me on to doing computer classes.


I enjoyed the interaction with people again however my confidence was very low. Then in 2017 I saw the Moving On Programme advertised in the parish newsletter. I thought this is just what I need. I contacted Lisa Fingleton who immediately put me at ease because at this stage I was thinking it might just be for younger people. I was doubting myself.


That all changed as the weeks went on. I made new friends, everyone on the programme had much the same story. We looked out for and helped each other with moving on to another chapter in our lives. It was great to have a routine, dress up a little, put on the lippy and make sure the hair was done.


Lisa Fingleton and Lisa O’Flaherty gave us so much support with CV’s, interview techniques and most of all boosted my confidence.


They helped me realise I had gained so much life experience and valuable skills during my time at home that I would be a great asset to an employer. In January 2018 I did work experience in the NEWKD office in Listowel.


Later that year I started work as a receptionist which I really enjoy. I can safely say the Moving On programme was exactly what I needed.


I guess for me it was like the nutrients and sunshine that a plant needs to survive.


Last year Lisa Fingleton was doing a feature for the new Moving On programme on Radio Kerry, she asked me and another past participant to say a few words. I was nervous but I did it.


That certainly would not have happened before I did the Moving On. Thank you for all the help and continued support.

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