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Mary O' Driscoll - Moving On Experience

What the Moving On programme did for me when I started in September 2018 was to get me out of the house. I was feeling isolated and alone with my problems. Joining the programme I realised there were other women like me out there struggling with their mental health, finances, coping with elderly parents, children with difficulties and much more.

I now had a focus and purpose to my day. I met other amazing women that found themselves in the same position as myself, who needed to get their lives back on track. Some had given up their jobs to stay at home to raise their children, others to look after their elderly parents. I found myself out of work as the result of a serious car accident and now it was time for us to move on and that we did.

I would never have imagined we would fit so much into those couple of months. Looking back now it was amazing, from personal development, to computers at Tralee IT to the STEPS programme with Dee Keogh. All of this has helped change the way I hear, think and speak. I got my confidence and self- esteem back. As the months went by the Lisa’s would encourage us to start getting our CV up to date and every week they would email job links to us. This is when I saw my dream job advertised on Active link. I applied for a position as counsellor at Pieta House. On the day of my interview Lisa O’Flaherty went over all the interview skills and as a result of her support, I got the job. It was a fantastic experience.


I was also introduced to another lady named Sharon de Villa in the Moving On who had the same interest in group work as I have.


We have gone on to develop a programme of Mental Health and Wellness workshops.


Again the two Lisa’s gave us such support and the opportunity to run workshops for the present Moving On.


We are now in the process of setting up our business around Stress Management and Bereavement.


The two Lisa’s are just wonderful women to be around they are infectious so professional in their work and took such care of each and every one of us. I will be forever grateful. Only for the Moving On programme I would not be where I am today with the contacts and the amazing people I have met.


As a result I feel I can do anything and they will always be here for me, to support me in every way possible.

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