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Selena Ross - Moving On Experience

I heard about the moving on programme from my sister, it sounded like it was exactly what I needed.

I had worked in retail management for 10 years and after the Proprietor deciding to close, I chose to stay at home and take a much needed break for 12 months with my two small boys.

In the middle of staying home I decided to take a Medical Administration course and have a change in career! I found it difficult to find employment in the administration sector with no previous experience in the area. Which then led to me being out of employment for nearly 6 years.


Joining the moving on programme, I met some fantastic women, each with a unique story of their own. I met many employers through workshops and career guidance seminars.

I worked on my CV and interview skills. The opportunities put infront of me were endless. I thank Lisa Fingleton and Lisa O'Flaherty for all their time and effort they put into this Programme.

I am currently employed in the Administration sector. My hours are flexible, which means I can drop and collect my boys from school without needing childcare. Which to me is the icing on the cake.

I would highly recommend the moving on programme. You will gain confidence and skills, you will meet an amazing group of women who will remain the best group of support for you. And you will have alot of laughs along the way.

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